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  • The year 2009 is the year that Jan Houtman would have become 80. Moreover, it is 40 years ago that he designed and embroidered his first sampler.
    The first contemporary sampler in a unique oeuvre, which for this occasion was compiled in this book.

    In the Netherlands, perhaps even in the whole world, in this century Jan was the only man who designed and made so many original samplers.
    Even as far as in the United States he has admirers, his work has been exhibited internationally and patterns were published many times.

    In this book the Jan Houtman Foundation wishes to keep alive that memory by means of a complete survey of Jan Houtman’s work, with all his samplers and the stories behind them. For Jan embroidered life and his samplers allow themselves to be read like strips.
    They are the colourful bearers of his memories of the warm tones of a colonial Dutch East Indies, the somber war tones, the cheering Orange, the green landscape of the river foreland around his dwelling-place The Haemmaeker, the flower beauty in his own garden: that what his eyes saw brought colour in his samplers







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