Funky Stitches


  • Borduren aftelbaar traditioneel
  • Borduren aftelbaar modern
  • Borduren, opengewerkt
  • Borduren van merklappen
  • Vrijborduren traditioneel
  • Borduren, opgelegd
  • Borduren, vaardigheden en naslagwerken
  • Borduuraccessoires
  • Borduurpakketten
  • Takes a fresh look at embroidery and provides original ideas for fun, funky and classical designs. More than 30 room-by-room projects, with a compendium of stitches with line drawings in the back.

    Functional embroidery has become something of a lost art. Funky stitches takes a fresh look at this craft and provides original ideas for fun and funky designs, inspired by anything from urban graffiti and children's drawings to nature. An introductory section deals with practical matters such as fabrics, threads, needles, designs and how to transfer them, how to make up embroidered items and much more. The stitches are clearly illustrated and are simple enough for a beginner to master. There are more than 30 room-by-room projects, from the nursery to the kitchen, with suggested variations to show how the same basic design can be used to decorate or create a range of items with a similar theme.







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